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We are excited to announce that we now offer payment plans at The Spa  by Definitely You!


You have options:  PayPal, AfterPay and Cherry! Have you been waiting on a service that was just a little out of reach? Wait no more! See how affordable your treatment can be by applying here:


(Oh, and did we mention applying takes just seconds and there’s no hard credit check? Yes... it's that easy.)

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Zero Gravity Massage Chair

In the zero-gravity position, your legs are elevated above the heart level, evenly distributing your weight along your body and reducing the pressure on your spine. In fact, daily use of a zero gravity chair for at least 20 minutes is enough to repair your spine the same amount as 8-10 hours of sleep!


Yoni Steam

In its simplest form, yoni steaming is a ritual of connecting with your feminine energy and womanly intuition. While it cleanses and soothes you physically, it's undeniable that it simultaneously cleanses you on a spiritual level. Steaming has been said to help heal from sexual trauma, release pent up emotions, increase libido, revive sexual desire, relieve stress and much more. Just imagine what it could do for you!


The Sauna

Infrared saunas create unique light waves that cause positive radiation effects in the human body. It is believed these waves are capable of altering cells, cell membranes, DNA/proteins and cell fluids. These changes have a positive effect on metabolism and the body’s natural detoxification methods. Benefits of infrared sauna use include:

Detoxification, Skin Health/ Anti Aging, Natural Pain Relief, Weight Loss.

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Laser Lipo

Laser lipo is a minimal-downtime cosmetic procedure that uses a warm laser to melt away obstinate fat under the skin. Using a new technology called laser lipolysis, the laser dissolves the more stubborn fat underneath the skin. Better still, you retain the results without having to diet or exercise. The concept of laser lipo is to have the results of liposuction without the discomfort, downtime, or incisions. If your goal is to spot-treat fat loss, this might be your solution because it is one of the only ways to spot-treat fat loss.

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Vacuum Therapy

Our Non-Surgical Butt and or Breast Lift treatment is designed to give you fuller, and firmer butt/breasts. The painless procedure can produce immediate results, with more long lasting results if you
undergo a course of treatments.


Vacuum therapy is a noninvasive procedure that increases circulation to the buttocks, to "lift" your buttocks and make the skin appear smoother and firmer. This treatment can also break down fat tissue and cellulite, and remove toxins from your muscles. Vacuum therapy uses suction and mechanical massage to temporarily make your buttocks look firmer and more toned.

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